Thursday, November 5, 2009

What can I give you today?

Today is my 52nd birthday and I do not have a gift picked out yet for all of you.

You may recall that last year at this time I published a blog about my birthday philosophy (Click Here). That is that my birthday is a time for me to celebrate those who are closest to me and those who make a difference in my life. This includes family and friends, and it includes all those who read, comment and inspire me through my blog. To me, that means that some of you deserve gifts, some acknowledgements and others need to know and trust that you really do matter to me.

I don’t drive, so I did not go shopping. Besides, money has been very tight this year and I can’t afford to buy all the gifts that my friends and family deserve……and they are very deserving. So what can I give them instead? What can I do to express my gratitude and affection for those who matter most to me?

One of the things that I think I do best is having relationships with people. I care. I communicate. I listen. I support. I truly want the best for the people I love most and I think they know that.```````````

So my gift this year is to do the same…….more of the same. I will continue to care and listen. I will continue to offer you my perspectives on life and I (we) will continue to keep our doors open for those seeking respite, companionship, laughs and friendship.

Yes, there are many things that I cannot do physically or fiscally. But what I can do and give is more of the same.

Hmmm………More of the same is my gift to you? I think I have just figured out what to give myself.

Participate. Make a difference. Live a life that matters.


  1. They say that what you put out into the world comes back to you multiplied. If that's true then I hope your day finds you swimming in a giant pool of warm fuzzies. I believe the true measure of a man is not what he has, but rather how he lives. You my friend are a man of much quality.

    Happy, happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Michael. Hope you had a big tasty cake to enjoy.

  3. Happy (belated) birthday, Michael! Thank you for the gifts you give us through your perspectives and words of genuine encouragement!

  4. Michael,
    Happy Birthday! Although we live thousands of miles apart and do not get to see each other much, I continue to be inspired by your attitude and perspectives on life. Keep it up you are helping more people than you imagine.

    Yossi Lieber
    your cousin in New York