Friday, March 8, 2013


I love to stretch.  I love to sit on the bed, fold myself in half while holding my toes, and strive to touch my chest to my knees. And then when I have reached as far as I can, I love it when somebody gently pushes on my back and causes me to stretch even further. I've been told that I am “freakishly limber.” Maybe so. What I am sure of is that I enjoy stretching and being physically flexible.
I like to think of myself as being flexible in other ways too. Being flexible in my personal life and relationships with others is even more important.
The dictionary defines flexible as “able to bend without breaking” and “able to adapt to new situations.” I think that these are important life skills. One never knows what life will bring you and the ability to adapt or adjust may be the difference between living a happy life or not.
How does someone become more flexible? Stretching. Taking yoga classes. Or, most importantly, “learning to bend without breaking.”
I know that at times I can be stubborn, less than “flexible.” But if I take a minute, breathe in and breathe out, then most often I will be more flexible. I also often ask myself the question “what difference will this make in a day, week, month, or year?” If it won't matter or won't matter much, it is easier to be more flexible.
Being in a wheelchair requires me to be more flexible. Since I depend on others for so many things, I have to consider their needs when I am asking for help with mine. I don't mind that and perhaps I have become more flexible because of it.
I am not suggesting that you get in a wheelchair and become dependent on others for your needs in order to become more flexible. What I am saying is that learning to consider the needs of others may help in becoming more flexible.
I don't know if one can learn to bend all the ways that I do. What I do know is that we can all do better at taking a breath, considering the needs of others and becoming more flexible.

 Participate. Make a difference. Live a life that matters.