Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday Balderdash

I have written about birthdays in the past, yet they seem to keep coming. What’s the deal with that? Sure, I am getting older but I was getting older yesterday too and nobody said anything then.

Birthdays are like a law of nature. They are going to happen no matter what we do. We inhale and then we exhale. We continue to wake up each day and we continue to have birthdays. As sure as the calendar changes each day, a birthday is likely to occur.

What’s changed? What is different? Technology. Today I received (and the day is not over) nearly 50 birthday greetings on Facebook, a half dozen e-mails and several birthday cards. I expect more before the day is over. (For some reason I haven’t got anything from Plaxo or Linked-In. Hmmmm???)

What’s good about getting older? AARP membership? (Now you only have to be 50) Restaurant and movie discounts? (I am not old enough yet. But soon.) Medicare? Social Security? More people calling you Sir or Ma’am? (Of course, I can’t hear them anyway)

What blows me away about getting older is how long you can say you have done things for. Graduated high school 35 years ago. Friends for almos t 40 years. Had my real estate license for 32 year. Children who are 26 and 28…….and my favorite, been married for over 30 years.

I’ll tell you what’s good about getting older.

Getting older, for many of us, is an opportunity to be more grateful, more appreciative of all the good things that fill our lives. In particular, relationships, both old and new. It is also wonderful to be thought of by so many people that you know that took the time to send a birthday greeting. Evidently, the world is filled with a lot of kind people.

I like getting older. Firstly, it beats the hell out of the alternative. Secondly, it is a great reminder of all the people that matter to (even if it is just a Facebook greeting) and that matter to me. Third and finally, I usually get some presents.

Birthday balderdash? I don’t think so. I made donations to honor my friends this year, but clearly, I could never give enough.

Happy birthday? You bet it is.

Participate. Make a difference. Live a life that matters.