Sunday, March 29, 2009


Right turn – Left turn stories. We all have them. One day we make a right turn instead of a left turn and the whole course of our life is forever changed. That is what life is all about – discovering what is next for us and sitting just around the corner.

It may not be a right turn or a left turn. It may be that you or someone else showed up somewhere unexpectedly and meeting that person changed the course of your life. It may be the appointment that cancelled and the phone call you received because you did not go. It may be the opportunity you got because you just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I call these “right turn – left turn stories.”

My favorite right turn/left turn story has to do with meeting the two hookers who lead me to my wife. This is not a joke. I had just started selling real estate and decided to work late one night to do some “cold calling”, dialing for business. When I asked the woman who answered the phone if she would be interested in selling her home, she said yes. I ran right over to list the property for sale and met the two, very attractive ‘professional’ women who owned the house.

Within a few weeks we had an offer to buy the house. When the real estate agent came to present the offer, she brought her broker with her. She sold the house and her broker and I stayed in touch. Within a few weeks, I joined his company. Eight months later I was engaged to his daughter……and I owe it all to the two hookers!

If I had not worked late, I never would have met the two hookers. If I never met the hookers, I would not have gotten the listing. Had I not gotten the listing, I never would have gotten the offer, gone to work for the broker, met his daughter, gotten married and had the life I have had….and I owe it all to the two hookers.

The fact is that having these ‘right turn – left turn stories’ to tell is a result of showing up and being a participant in all that life has to offer. If you don’t show up or participate, you will never make that ‘right turn instead of a left’ and you may never know all of the opportunities that life has in store for you.

Want more opportunities? Participate more.
Want to know what life has in store for you? Participate more.
Want more out of life? Do more. Participate more.

Planning for life is a great thing. However, we cannot always plan for every event or circumstance that life presents. We can make many choices. We can influence outcomes based on our participation. But we cannot control everything that happens around and to us. What we can control and plan for is how we will respond to what happens during the course of our lives.

A favorite old joke I know goes like this:
“Do you know how to make G-d laugh? Tell him your plans.”

My life certainly did not turn out as planned…..and I owe it all to two hookers!

Participate. Make a difference. Live a life that matters.


  1. Michael,
    I just had (and took) the time to catch up on your writings and as usual you make me smile with your wit and wisdom. I always appreciate the way you look at a situation and find the very best is inspiring! While life is not at all what we had planned nor envisioned your words do help me keep a positive place in my heart for all that I need to handle and appreciate.
    Love you for that!
    your sis-in-law,

  2. I love reading your inspirational thoughts, I have made so many right turns in my life, by accident or whatever, I wouldn't have the wonderful life I have either. I like the participate in Life, I will tell others that.