Sunday, August 3, 2008


It was exactly 28 years ago today that my wife Gail and I went to the best wedding celebration ever – OURS. If you could ask any of the 325+ people in attendance, they would all say the same thing – Best wedding ever.

What started out as something great,. has grown into something greater, more important and more meaningful than I ever could have imagined. After 28 years of marriage, we are now in the best place we have ever been. I can honestly say that I am more “in love” with my wife today than I have ever been before. She is, without a doubt, the sweetest, kindest, most caring and considerate, selfless and loving person I have ever known. I am a lucky man and feel truly grateful to be able to spend every day with her.

When you have been married as long as we have, we can look back and recognize the tough patches we made it through. We certainly have had our share of them. We were even separated for 14 months many years ago, from June ’86 to August ’87. During that time an expert on marriage (he’s been married four times!) told me that “staying married is its own reward.” I believe that until you have been married for 15 or 20 years, you can’t really begin to understand how true this statement is. There is an intimacy and level of comfort that comes from knowing someone so well and for so long, that can’t be explained. It is to be experienced.

Ask people who have been married a long time what the key to success is and you will get a lot of different answers. “Respect.” “Friendship.” “Patience.” Those are all good. But I have a different answer and that is “GRATITUDE.”

Maybe it is easy for me to say because I am married to Gail. Or maybe t is easier for me to say because of my disability and my needing so much help that she so readily provides, which makes me feel particularly grateful. Whatever the reason is, I never let a day go by without really letting her know how much I love her and how grateful I am. I believe that if one is truly grateful, expresses it and shows it, than the other stuff (respect, friendship, patience, etc.) will take care of itself. It certainly seems to work for us.

There is a side benefit too. When you really love someone, and feel truly in love, even after all these years, the beauty remains in the eye of the beholder…..and I am truly beholden to my beautiful wife.

Happy anniversary, Gail.

I will love you always,



  1. I don’t think you overly simplify—
    I believe it is indeed simple, deceptively simple, as we have this human need to complicate our perspective with the measuring stick of whatever “culture” we covet at any given moment in time…
    Marianne Williamson says: “…do not look to the world for your sustenance, you will not find it there… when you let your own light shine you give others permission to do the same“ This blog is beautiful Michael. I look forward to future installments…

    The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time.
    George Bernard Shaw

  2. HI Michael This blog is truly inspiring. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Your blog has added happiness to my life GRACIAS. I will like to share my happy formula. Laugh, Pray, brush your teeth and sleep naked. Love Elena

  3. Can I sign up for the Gail Gerber fan club?