Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am changing the way I celebrate my birthday. I hope you will join me.

My birthday is the time for me to celebrate my life. My life is filled with scores of amazing people who make a difference to me. It is the time for me to acknowledge everyone who makes my life “My Life.” If there are any cards or presents to be given, they will be given by me to those who matter most. It is now my one and only day a year that I celebrate birthdays – MINE. It is my day to celebrate you.

Instead of several times a year having to worry about whose birthday is remembered, sending cards and buying gifts, I do all of that just once a year. Think how nice it would be if on our birthday we all gave to those who matter most to us. That somehow seems incredibly appropriate.

If I make a difference to ten or twenty people, then instead of my getting cards and gifts from them once a year, I am getting acknowledged by them all year long, throughout the year on their birthday. The people closest to me are calling me on their birthday to tell me that I make a difference in their lives. My birthday is spent calling them to say "you make a difference in my life."

Hallmark won’t like it. Retailers and bakeries may not like it either. If I do buy presents for people, than my birthday may become more expensive. But it is only once a year. I better start saving now for next year.

If you are reading this, than you make a difference in my life and thank you. In honor of you and to celebrate my birthday, I have made a donation to the National MS Society.

Not getting any cards on your birthday? Good. It will be easy for you to get started. Just start making a difference to someone today.

Participate. Make a difference. Live a life that matters.


  1. Michael, Thank you. What a great idea. It is another one I may adopt.

    I hope you are having a wonderful birthday.
    Be well,

  2. Michael, Michael, Michael, what can I say. Eveytime I read your Blog it brings a tear to my eyes. You are so right and in honor of your 51st Birthday we are making a donation to the National MS Society. I know your mother Lila is looking down at you today and I know she is SOOOOOO proud of you, as to how you are handeling the MS and all that you and Gail do to help out others. The cup is always half full not half empty. We love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. LOVE, BEN & JEAN

  3. Happy birthday, Michael!

    What an inspired idea! As always, thank you for sharing your perspective, and touching so many lives with your infectious spirit.

    With love,
    fellow Team Captain, the m.o.m.s. movement

  4. Thank you so much for celebrating me on your day. Thank you for making a donation to the MS society in honor of all of us. It's one of the best gifts I received on your birthday.

    Love you more chocolate.

  5. Michael, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and kudos for putting yet another brilliant and heart-warming idea into action, and sharing it here with us all. Your rock! *HUGS* Lisa

  6. Feliz CumpleaƱos dear Michael, especially because that is how you make all of us who know you: Muy Feliz!, Very Happy. God Bless you and your family. Mario

  7. A most Happy Birthday to you dear Michael!

    Actually it is a Happy Birthday for all of us who know you! By your mother bringing you into this world it brought joy to so many of us who have been lucky enough to have you in our lives!

    Many hugs and well wishes!

    Chris Dobbings

  8. Happy belated birthday Michael - Such a wonderful way to celebrate your day by celebrating everyone else.

    I always shared a birthday with my dad . . . until I didn't. Better to be happy and share birthdays with those we love than to be sad about those we miss. My former assistant shares your birthday, Molly Dog follows your birthday by a day, and my best friend in Indiana by two.

    Your cousin, CC

  9. Happy Birthday Michael !

    Some of us were fortunate enough to share it with you !

    Your Brother, Lane " Your Unbelievable "