Friday, August 20, 2010

You know you have a great mom when........

Moms don’t get all the attention and credit they deserve…..or at least the great ones don’t. I know this because I had a great mom.

Great Moms are committed and preoccupied with the well being of their family, especially their children. They are selfless, generous and always doing for others. Often they will cook, clean and make costumes for the First Grade Circus. Sometimes they are just plain nuts (like my mother who used to do a trial run of her Thanksgiving dinner the weekend before. Who wants to do that twice???). They are there to comfort and protect us. It is their role, the reason they are here.

If a child is sick, they will move mountains or dig ditches to find a treatment or cure. The word “No” is not in the vocabulary of a great mom when it comes to caring for their children.

Great Moms reach extends beyond their own family. They are often ‘maternal’ to and towards a lot of people, regardless of their age. They counsel, advise and care for everyone close to them and seem to have an endless supply of band-aids, hugs and kisses for anyone who needs one.

Usually girls learn to be women from their mom and in today’s world, boys often learn how to be men from them, and I don’t think that is a bad thing. They are teachers, playmates, nurses and disciplinarians. They are God’s gift to us all. Perhaps they are his angels on earth.

I know all this because I had a great mom. If she were alive, today would have been her 75th birthday. She died of cancer almost seven years ago and although she is no longer with us physically, she certainly left her mark on our family and she is often spoken of. Her presence is known and felt in our home. I think of her everyday.

My mom and I were close and spoke often. We saw her regularly and she was a big part of our family and lives. Now that she is gone, I don’t think that I gave her all the credit and attention she deserved. Maybe no Great Mom gets all they deserve.

Happy birthday, Mom. You will live forever in our hearts.

Participate. Make a difference. Live a life that matters.


  1. So true and well written, Great Moms never get the attention. Of course, they would not want it. I do miss my Mom, so much also

  2. This is so true. We never tell those in our lives how much they mean to us and how good they are. I am 57 and my mom died when I was 13, but her presence is still in my life in things I say, and don't say because I can see her shaking her head 'no don't say that', things I do and don't do, and now I can see it in my children. She lives on. The neat thing is that 5 yrs after mom died, I got to have a very nice step mother that is still alive and has the same values and beliefs as my mom had. I know that you cannot replace one with another but how lucky am I. Merle

  3. I was lucky to have your mom as a friend - and to watch her in action. She was a great mom. She was a spectacular mom and grandmom. She is remembered and loved by many,many people and her gift lives on in the wonderful children and grandchildren she raised! Sharon

  4. Very well written and touching post!